Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Amnesia - I have it, and I'm here to help. (Me, 3 Months Later)

On September 4th, 2013, my life changed permanently. Three long months ago.

I was on a long walk in the middle of rural Kansas, near my BF's mom's farm. The walk was about three miles from her farm and it was still relatively hot and humid, for in Midwest Summertime can last until October some years. Just at sunset I decided to wander off from my BF who was quite a bit away, to pick the most perfect sunflower...

I didn't make it to the sunflower. I made it to the concrete pavement beneath me. I passed out from heat exhaustion/heat stroke. My head hit the road so hard that my BF could hear it a quarter mile away up the hill from me. My neck bones are injured, and there was a bruise the size of one and a half fists (or the size of a softball, plus an inch or so added on) on the back of my brain.

My poor brain was jostled so hard, in fact, that I have post-concussion syndrome and amnesia. I cannot remember before the accident, and after it, I'm having trouble keeping new memories, and short term memories. I'm getting better slowly, with practice and such... but it's been a nightmare. I am hoping to keep recovering, and keep learning great skills that I'd spent my whole life perfecting, and honing in on. You'll see, I'll bounce back, and hopefully still be able to accomplish the things I some day dream to.

Until then, I'll just write about amnesia, post-concussion, and living life with these issues. It's been odd, informative, eye-opening, and also quite troubling and confusing for me and my whole family. With the trials and errors that we go through, I hope to help others who may have to deal with these things in the future. There's NOT a lot of information out on the Internet about amnesia. There's medical descriptions, and suggestions about "treatment"... but nothing really great to show you any real, or valid, or logical advice on how to ACTUALLY live day to day with it, or with someone dealing with it.

I'm here to share my story, my tribulations, and my triumphs. Hopefully, it will help someone, anyone, anywhere. Nobody deserves to be lost in their greatest times of need. I was lost, and still am in certain aspects, but I've sure learned a heck of a lot! I will share it all with you.

 -Tara- AKA: Babygirly
 from: UpcycleKC (KC,MO) / Emerald City Upcycling (Lake of the Ozarks, MO)