Sunday, June 8, 2014

Identity, how hard it is to convey what I'm going through

Truly getting someone to understand an experience (ongoing experience) is one of the hardest things for us Human Beings to do... here are my thoughts about it:
If y'all didn't know, I'm in a few groups that are specifically for people like me, or people helping people like me, with TBI's, brain injuries of all kinds...

I try and assist with advice where I have experience, as often as possible, but I find myself asking more questions internally than I feel I am able to answer. Sure, this happens all of the time, to pretty much all of us (even y'all without brain issues) & sometimes pretty often.

The thing is, though, despite frustrations about stuff that nobody can crawl in and answer for me... I find that most people seeking answers about helping themselves or others with brain injuries, well, we're all in-the-dark about how to truly express what we're experiencing, what we're seeing others experiencing, or how to adequately convey how it can affect our lives in all-encompassing and long-term ways.

None of us can experience what someone else is, no matter how much we care for them, no matter how much exposure to them we have, and no matter how much empathy we feel with them. We simply cannot understand and comprehend every aspect of an experience someone else is having. Impossible (as of yet.)

How then, is a medical community full of anxiously awaiting professionals supposed to clearly see/know what it is we're actually going through in our day-to-day lives?
How are our Dr's supposed to know what we mean by, "I can't sleep when I need to" or, "I'm not eating well"...? Both of which could mean SO many different things for each and every patient with numerous and deeply differing brain injuries that each affect us all differently.
"I can't sleep when I need to" could mean to me that 'I simply cannot fall asleep no matter how tired I am...' and to someone else it could mean, 'I fall asleep but cannot stay asleep' - which are two wholly differing things.

I cannot help but wonder how in the world any of us has kept of surviving brain injuries, but I'm sure glad we have... I'll be even more grateful to be alive when the medical community fully comprehends how intensely life-altering brain injuries are to the patients, and especially to anyone who is needed in order to help them to survive life with a TBI.