Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Some great information I've found about 'THE HUMAN MEMORY'...

I've done MONTHS of research, and finally stumbled upon this website about the brain.

There are numerous websites out there, but I've finally found one that I could understand, and follow. (Both are rare, when it comes to cerebral/brain issues.)

Anyhow, here's the link. Please let me know if any of this has been found useful to you, or for your loved ones living with Amnesia, TBI, and all of the plethora of other brain-injury, brain-altering experiences, illnesses & injuries.
Amnesia & Sensory Disorders

I truly hope this helps someone, anyone, even a little bit. I know it's helped me to better understand how my body works, and that it's not my fault my brain is injured and doesn't respond in ways I expect for it to. I'm not messed up, I'm simply healing - and healing can cause some strange things indeed.