Wednesday, January 8, 2014

2014 - Another chance to start off Great!!! :-D

The saying goes: "May the road come up to meet you, and the wind ever be at your back." 

I didn't think it could mean anything but a kind regard for easy travels... until the road literally came up and met my skull. (laughing) It's not an easy subject to write about, while in the midst of all it's horrible side-effects, but I think I'm doing rather well with the day to day stuff now. Amnesia was difficult to accept, and for the people who love and care about me to accept, but here we are. 

Many trials and harsh days and nights ago I was in a world of confusion, self-absorption, and turmoil.

Now, with the help of professionals, my loving family, my kind and generous friends, and a lot of patience on my own part - we've come to a point of choices for me. It's time for me to choose where I will focus my talents (which through many trials and errors, attempts, and failures - I've found what I'm good at) and to pursue focused talent-based education or hands-on experiences.

Yes, I'm obviously a little bit weary of starting anything new, because everything has been so new that I'm almost sick of it in ways - but I'm also feeling really excited and positive. This might be the path I'd been avoiding my whole life before the accident - before my "reset button" had been pushed by that hard road pavement out in the middle of Kansas last September. 

This is new, but it is a good kind of new. It's not the all-consuming life-shattering type of new, it's the "this is going to grow me for life!" type of new. I'm happy about this! I'm actually looking forward to pursuing my talents and expanding what I know, and how well I perform the talents I already have.

Time to start putting pieces together, and create my new book-of-life.