Friday, August 15, 2014

A short conversation that sparked a bit of thought

This is part of a conversation a friend of mine and myself had via online chat:

My Friend:

"Why were we born?"

Me (Tara):
"Because no energy can dissipate, it can only change into something else - otherwise, I dunno..?"

My Friend:
"If someone really created us he or she is one evil asshole ... sadistic."

Me (Tara):
"Or far less "emotional" than we can contemplate..."

"Perhaps something so "intelligent" has less need of emotional aspects..?"

"There is something about knowledge that strips me of emotion, in various ways, so I'd imagine something THAT smart wouldn't have much need of any emotions at all."

My Friend:
"I am more intelligent than an ant but i don't enjoy watching it being tortured"

Me (Tara):
"True, but our nature of emotions is for self-preservation, not for creation purposes."

"What prompts humanity to "create"? I believe it is the need or want of something, not for the pure creation of it..."

This train of thought and the following conversation brought my mind to the theory of intention. We can all easily see what that is with a simple search, it's the belief that thoughts, intentions, words, etc, have energy/vibrations and that they effect the world around us.

I stumbled upon this video while searching through sciency-stuffs that I'm interested in... and I think it explains far better than I could, about how words, thoughts, and energy from within us effects water molecules and how they form crystals when frozen. I found it compelling to say the least - so I'm sharing it below.

(Dr. Masaru Emoto's HADO water crystal video)

In my personal opinion, I've felt that thoughts, words, intentions, and "prayer" does more good than harm, any day. Perhaps I'm not definitively going anywhere with this post, but I thought I'd jot it down before it escaped my mind.

Until Next Blog,