Thursday, March 27, 2014

Medication Nightmare

There's only one way to state this fact: Medicines only work IF you Need them.

I've been toiling with medicines that are supposed to assist my healing as well as my panic attacks and other unhealthy side-effects of this brain injury I'm coping with.

At first, I was quite open and trusting of any and all medical practitioners to instinctually know what to use and how to treat my case. Apparently there's a LOT to be learned still about head injuries and the ways in which the brain works. I'm not a rare case, unless you consider how my medical care has been handled. It has literally been nightmarish (to say the least.)

I'm not suggesting that people should Not seek outside help, or medications *if in fact they're needed, or pyschiatric help. I'm not saying that AT ALL. I'm saying: Loved ones, Care-givers, Trusted friends, PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH about the practitioners available in your area. Please delve into their experience, their reviews from previous/current patients, etc...?!

The medical community (as well as any others) has their own sets of downfalls, regulations, procedural "red-tape" and such, so please be patient but also VERY advocating to what it is that you're needing. The more information you give those whom are in charge of helping you, the better. If something is Not working for you, be as honest and detailed as humanly possible. Keep those daily journals active. The journals can assist those whom are in charge of helping you get better, and stay better. You'd be surprised how much info a single sentence per-day can provide for those who are going to analyse your progress.

If you have to, DO change practitioners... If you're not being listened to, or responded to in a timely manner, than DO seek others. It isn't going to harm you to seek 2nd, 3rd, or 4th opinions from others who might have more experience in cases like your own. Do not be afraid to seek out others. I know it is a VERY stressful and energy-consuming process... but it's worth it in the end to find the right care for your needs.

When you get discouraged, please remind yourself that not every Dr on earth thinks they truly are a 'god'. There is someone out there who will specifically be perfect for you and your needs.