Thursday, October 16, 2014

What amnesiacs (may) go through day-to-day

Here's a crude run-down of just a 'few' of the things those with memory loss issues go through:


We can be easily frustrated because we wish to be more productive and to remember more and do better. We notice when we're not quite "measuring up" to those around us. It makes us feel so frustrated sometimes that the agitation usually looks like anger from the outside.


We can tell in the faces and attitudes of others when we've forgotten something - even the most simple of things can cause others to react with the same agitation/frustration that we have when we're not measuring up. It causes that 'awkward & uncomfy' feeling that can linger.


Not being able to keep track of the things we know are important and value tends to be quite overwhelming and overbearing at times. There's nothing more we want than to remember more and do better. When we don't, or when we try and cannot, it sends a bit of panic and shock through us.


Sometimes that panic and shock of the inability to form lasting or long-term memories can make us feel lost, lonely, helpless, and hopeless. Remembering things is the key to productivity. If we cannot remember things properly, we know and feel that something is "missing" or "unfinished". At times it can be a bit daunting in the emotional-arena.


At times, when we're at a loss for words, thoughts, memories, or solutions, we feel lost. I know when I feel lost it is usually because I've completely forgotten what I was doing, how important it may (or may not) have been, or that something I held in my memory bank suddenly vanishes.


Many times when there's missing memories, whether long- or short-term, it causes an avalanche in our minds. If we cannot piece together something that makes sense, the end-result is usually confusion (mixed with a few or all of the previous emotions/feelings.)


There's nothing more infuriating than being on-path and then suddenly being derailed in mid-thought/mid-action. Let's say you were writing a very important note and in mid-sentence you completely lost your train of thought and were sitting there perplexed. After numerous times of this (or the importance level of it,) the eventual result (and easiest emotion to feel) is anger. Sometimes, it pops out no matter how demure or strong our self-control is. Sometimes we just have to express it. (Sorry y'all )


Feeling lost, confused, and overwhelmed can cause the feeling of being dismayed. It's a bit of mental shock, in my opinion. Sometimes, it just captures us and holds us in a state of shut-off. When things get too confusing or too "heavy" we are just stuck (even if only for a mere moment or so) it can feel like an eternity. Kind of like being 4 years old in the grocery store and suddenly your parent(s) are gone and you have a good cry because you have no clue what to do or how to find them.

That's just a 'few' of the things people who have memory-loss issues can feel at any given moment, of any day/night. Sometimes, (I'm not ashamed to admit this) I get "lost" on my way to use the restroom or get a glass of water... it can happen at any time. 

(Thank GOODNESS I have a loving partner (and parents) who love and guide me whenever it's needed.) 

Until next blog -Tara-